17+ Nonprofit Bots for 2017

Chris Lundberg


In 2017, many forward-thinking nonprofits are sure to turn their eyes towards bots — the good kind, whose innovations are reshaping the digital experience from households to the Fortune 500.

Welcome to the future! Frakture has been the pioneer in nonprofit bots for over three years, and we’re eager to introduce you to the fleet of diligent automata at your beck and call. It’s true, most aren’t quite as telegenic as BB-8 … but they just might transform your work like Optimus Prime.

Resolved to make 2017 a transformative year in your data operations? Here are 17 of our 130+ FraktureBots who already know what you need done and how to work with your existing tools. Power them up to tackle those reporting jobs you have stacking up and knock out persnickety integrations much more effectively.  

FraktureBots are here to automate your warehousing, analysis, and integration jobs. Here’s some of the cool and high impact stuff you can do in 2017 with FraktureBots:

CleanBot: While the bots are hauling your ones and zeroes from point A to point B, why not let them tidy things up too? Helpful CleanBot takes its elbow grease to your data warehouse and standardizes capitalization, address format and titles to make them clear and consistent when they’re converted into mail merges.

AppendBot: Why settle for just cleaning your messy data, when you can give it an entire New Year’s makeover? AppendBot primps your list by matching third-party updates such as Wealth Engine and starts turning heads at the party.

SQLBot and TransformBot: Once data is in your warehouse, it’s ready to be transformed, repackaged, amalgamated and dissected. Whether it’s a sea change or a cosmetic tweak, SQLBot and TransformBot are hard working and detail oriented; we’ll task them with creating custom views and reports that implement your business logic and output exactly what you need to know.

So bots are great at getting your warehouse working, and now that warehouse needs to be fed with great data. FraktureBots to the rescue again.  Spending way too much time on pulling data and reporting? Let FraktureBots free your time and free your mind for other important work. Here’s just a few of the Digital Marketing Systems that bots know how to get data in and out of:

LuminateBot One of our most popular offerings, LuminateBot is expert at cracking the incredibly rich data this full-spectrum CRM captures about supporters, list segments, email interactions, transactions, and more. If you can report on it within Luminate, you can plug it into your own bot-built warehouse and use it everywhere else, too.

SalsaBot Did you know that Frakture’s CEO, Chris Lundberg, also built Salsa? Salsa is right in Frakture’s kitchen … so kick your feet up and let the bots whip up a mango chutney version of your statistics and people data with an algorithm for the perfect level of spice to your donation data.

Indeed, FraktureBots can build a data warehouse giving you full control of constituent, transaction, and email data from a variety of industry-leading digital marketing systems such as EngagingNetworkBot, ActBlueBot, NeonBot, NGPVANBot & EveryActionBot, BlueStateDigitalBot, Phone2ActionBot, NetCommunity and more.

The only thing Bots love more than digital marketing platforms is working with your Donor Database of Record. Bots hunger for those repetitive and monotonous jobs of pulling this and pushing that. They thrive on helping humans get data where it needs to go with lightning speed and take pride in checking that data to produce error-free records.

SalesforceBot and ROIBot are wildly popular thanks to customizability and their integrations with other systems. Like C-3PO, Frakture’s first jobs were programming binary loaders and downloaders for these systems. Frakture’s SalesforceBot and ROIBot have built-in capabilities for running standardized integrations, mass data pushes and pulls and supporting marketing automations and reporting suites.

RaisersEdgeBot The granddaddy of complex donor databases, Raiser’s Edge is a rich system that can be a challenge to work with if you need its donor data to talk to other systems. No sweat: it’s a cinch with RaisersEdgeBot. Stop losing the day to getting and cleaning data for imports and exports. There’s a bot for that!

In the new year, if you are looking at new tools and systems, you’re in luck, Bots are great at connecting to systems that your organization relies on/wants to use, but that aren’t fully integrated into your infrastructure.

MailChimpBot and HubSpotBot We meet a lot of organizations who want to use commercial digital marketing tools in combination with a more robust CRM database like the others we’ve just mentioned. Frakture’s ability to automatically push your CRM segments to one of these systems lets you have the best of both worlds.

ClassyBot and DonorDriveBot are among the fast-growing and user-friendly peer to peer fundraising platforms with solid APIs that makes it a snap for bots to pull and push data. Plug these tools into your data warehouse for analysis and integration for your peer to peer fundraising program.

VisualizationBot One of the fastest growing innovation areas for nonprofits is data visualization. One of the coolest things bots can do with your warehouse data is deliver processed ‘charting ready’ data to reporting suites like Tableau, Chart.io, Slemma and Google DataStudio. FraktureBots live to get data from your end-point systems, clean and standardize it, and produce summarized and tabulated figures for charting, mapping, and analysis.

And then we have bonus bots, that we love and can’t live without.  These Bots ease the pain of data retrieval and updating by automating it.

FTPBot and DropboxBot There’s not (yet) a bot for every system, and there are still important players in the space — like Abila50 and Raiser’s Edge — that are not open to direct integration. There’s no escaping a human finger on the “import” button in such a case but bots can still smooth the rest of the road by connecting to an (S)FTP directory or a Dropbox file to retrieve data, run it through cloud-driven data transformations, and dropping the file off, perfectly formatted, for its last leg of the voyage.

EmailBot FraktureBots are happy to load up the data you need any old way you can get it to them. Even a report attachment or link emailed out of your system headquarters can be automatically retrieved, saved, opened, parsed and loaded into your data warehouse by FraktureBots.

GoogleDriveBot Google’s cloud-based office applications make it easy for your humans to coordinate with our bots. FraktureBots can be set up to engineer data transformations based on Google spreadsheet dictionaries that you update regularly, to drop off error reports in a shared Google Drive folder, and much more.

So this year, if a 2017 new year’s resolution is to improve your data management and reporting — think automation with bots. Frakture’s team of 130+ Bots (here’s our full list, growing every week!) are chomping at the bit to turn your routine, monotonous and transactional data work into the knowledge that you need, in a format you can use — so you can spend your time and focus on impacting your organization’s mission!

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