santa chilling out

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, This year I’m only asking for one thing. Will you please bring me a robot to help me with...
Chris Lundberg

Get your Brain Back!

Does this sound familiar? Your boss or leadership asks you for information about your fundraising or marketing program that would be really great to deliver….But you had to tell your...
Chris Lundberg

7 Things Bots Can Do for You

Here at Frakture, we’re all about using Bots and automation to solve real-world problems that expand what nonprofits can do with their technologies to raise money, spur advocacy, and make change...
Chris Lundberg
Checklist of 7 Things Bots Can Do For You
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Why Nonprofits Need A Data Warehouse Layer

Why are so many organizations looking into data warehousing and reporting suites? The answer is deceptively simple. The dream of...
Chris Lundberg

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