7 Things Bots Can Do for You

Chris Lundberg

Checklist of 7 Things Bots Can Do For YouHere at Frakture, we’re all about using Bots and automation to solve real-world problems that expand what nonprofits can do with their technologies to raise money, spur advocacy, and make change happen.

Not surprisingly, the most frequent question we get when we talk with people about Frakture’s Bots and data warehousing solution is, “So what can Bots do for me?”

As a rule, bots free human time from routine, mundane repetitive tasks so you can get to the next things on your list.  But what does that actually mean?

Here are 7 specific examples of Bots at work for our clients:

  1. Automation Layer. Bots are great at getting data out of lots of different systems, standardizing that data and creating views for reporting, charting and graphing. Work that typically humans have had to build and maintain.  For many of our agency clients, they are able to do analysis they could only dream of because Bots automate the preparation of data so they can spend their time working with the results, thinking about the trends and devising new strategies based on the data.
  2. Automating routine reporting. For Ovarian Cancer Canada, FraktureBots were put to work creating more than 100 different reports for their Walk of Hope peer-to-peer fundraising campaign and other reports saving countless hours of manual effort. They shifted their effort towards raising more money instead of massaging data.
  3. Coordinating dozens of technologies to enable new features. PBS uses FraktureBots to synchronize the local station databases with a national membership list so users can sign up for national streaming video regardless of where their membership is.
  4. Using new tools and techniques. For several clients, Bots are being used to hook in tools like Phone2Action, MailChimp, Stripe, EventBrite and other best-in-class solutions for specific user needs. Allowing organizations to experiment with new tools and get the best user experience because they can plug and play the Bots for integration and aggregation of data.
  5. Opening new digital channels for acquisition. Bots can acquire new donors by automating the process of pushing target audiences into platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Sizmek, and other ad platforms. Bots automate creating target audiences of look-alikes in these platforms to optimize your marketing.
  6. Cleaning your data, improving deliverability and response. Bots are great at grabbing people from your digital marketing system and then cleaning, deduping and appending information to their records — like cleaning postal codes, removing dupes, and all kinds of good data hygiene practices.
  7. Bots enable marketing automation. For one client, every day Bots are selecting people with freshly expired credit cards and triggering recapture emails to get them to renew their sustainer commitment. This process used to be able to only be done monthly by human effort. With Bots, the routine runs every day — making that critical link of getting the right message to the right person at the right time. The results? Higher retention and more dollars for mission work.

It’s not magic. It’s thoughtful use of automation and scripting in combination with big data warehousing to solve real work problems for today’s modern nonprofit.


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