So you want to use a data visualization tool…bots to the rescue!

Chris Lundberg

Does this sound familiar? You’ve just purchased a license for an awesome data visualization tool that you hope will change your life.  (Well, at least your life at work.) The possibilities are huge – it promises to pipe in data from a variety of sources and display it in a visually appealing way.

Then you hit the roadblocks…
  • The first system connects. The next system you try only pulls in certain fields. Then the next system doesn’t connect at all and you either think about how long it will take you to write the code or start googling what SQL means.
  • Then you come to terms with the fact that there are a whole lot of data manipulations and normalizations that have to happen to prepare the data.
  • Then you realize that without a connection to all your systems, it will take hours to download reports for manual uploading. Never mind the fact that this data will need to be updated regularly.  Wait, wasn’t this visualization tool supposed to save me time?

Then you wonder why you got the tool in the first place. You thought you were going to play around with displaying the data, but instead have spent all your time handling and manipulating the data.

If you don’t know how to write code or have time to manually deal with data…Bots to the Rescue!

Frakture has Bots that are trained to:

  • Pull data from 40+ systems that nonprofits use into a central data warehouse
  • Normalize the data and configure it as a table view to be plugged into the visualization tool
  • Update the warehoused data nightly

Let Frakture Bots sweat the data, while you play with the phenomenal new dashboard you’re building. Bots to the rescue, for real!


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