Case Study: Amnesty International USA, Data Warehousing and Bots

Chris Lundberg

Summary: Have you ever had the experience of trying a new product and once you experienced it, you don’t know how you ever lived without it? That’s what Amnesty International is experiencing right now. With Frakture, useful, actionable and accurate data is available quickly, automated reporting and data management is saving staff hours upon hours of work and they are now digging deeper into their data.Client Quote from Amnesty

Background: Amnesty is one of the premier human rights organizations in the world and a leader in fundraising and campaigning. Amnesty International U.S.A. has more than a million members and activists in all 50 states, who are part of a larger global movement of 7 million people in 150 countries. They engage people in the U.S. to fight injustice all around the world, while also working to protect people’s data loading gifhuman rights here.

Challenge: Amnesty’s Fundraising and Advocacy Teams were spending the equivalent of two days per week pulling down data from several systems, transferring that data to reporting spreadsheets and if they were lucky, there was a bit of time leftover to analyze the data. They planned to plug Tableau into their data warehouse for reporting, but project implementation was delayed when system APIs changed and staff members working on the project left the organization.  

The Solution: Amnesty hired Frakture and used our specialized Bots to populate their data warehouse with data from multiple systems including Engaging Networks, ROI Solutions and numerous spreadsheets. This big data repository together with Frakture’s Dashboards and Tableau gives Amnesty staff easy access to actionable data. These dashboards and quick access to data allows staff to spend their time analyzing and optimizing their programs rather than spending all their time downloading reports and gathering the data.

The Results:

  • Automated and accurate daily online reports. Amnesty now has a dashboard for all things digital that is refreshed daily and shows email performance for fundraising and advocacy. The data is being pulled nightly from Amnesty’s Data Warehouse and includes the number of emails sent, total opens, clicks, unsubscribes, revenue, transactions, advocacy actions taken, top emails by revenue and advocacy, etc.  At the click of a button Amnesty can now filter their Dashboard by issue area, audience, type of email sent and more. Amnesty is still discovering all the benefits.  
  • Sophisticated reporting for sustainer fundraising program. Every day Frakture’s Bots are pulling results from Amnesty’s canvassing program into the data warehouse and displaying it in Tableau. Staff members can now see performance and retention rates for each individual canvasser, canvas location and the program as a whole. With accurate daily reports, Amnesty staff can optimize their program in a matter of days rather than spending all their time collecting and analyzing the data.
  • Increased retention rate of new sustainers recruited via canvassing.  Frakture automated the process of contacting new monthly sustainers recruited via Amnesty’s canvassing program. In the past new donors were sent a transaction email from their canvassing vendor. Thanks to Frakture’s Bots, the new sustainers are sent the first email in Amnesty’s Welcome Series.  This significantly increased the donor retention rate on the front end.   
  • Consolidated reports for major gifts program. Amnesty now has access to updated data on their Major Gift Officers’ performance including moves management, completed gifts, gifts in the pipeline and more. Having this data readily available on a daily basis and displayed in Tableau makes reporting, planning and formulating program strategy so much easier.Bots are priceless
  • Happier staff because mundane and manual data pulling was automated. Staff have more time to use the data and make strategic program decisions. Across the organization, total time saved per week is 8 – 14 hours. That’s two full days of a staff members time that can now be spent learning from the data and taking actions to improve strategy rather than on the boring task of running reports and importing/exporting data. In addition, daily access to updated data is priceless.




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