Data Powered by Frakture: An Agency Case Study on Mothership Strategies

Ashley Hansen

Is your data causing you headaches? Are reporting requests coming at you so fast that you have trouble processing them all in a timely fashion? Are you collecting a ton of data, but it’s in a billion different places?

Do you have a smart technology and data team, but their time is already stretched thin? Are you getting requests from your clients and colleagues for fundraising results, but you don’t have a quick way to get them the data?

When Mothership Strategies, the digital agency, came to Frakture, they were serving their extremely active political clients well. Their technology and data team was capable of building what they needed, but the vision of where they wanted to grow was more significant than could be accomplished internally.

The volume of data was increasing by leaps and bounds, reporting needs were becoming more complex and demanding and most of all, the data analysis and results needed to be available more frequently. Enter Frakture.

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Background: Mothership Strategies is a progressive Washington, DC full service digital agency rewriting the playbook for how political and advocacy campaigns are won across the nation. Their expert team has raised more than $300 million online, sent over 75,000 emails for an average donation of $21.67, persuaded and educated millions of voters through online advertising, rallied millions more grassroots supporters, and built some of the biggest brands in progressive politics. Their clients include End Citizens United, Save Animals Facing Extinction, the Progressive Turnout Project and candidates including Doug Jones (AL), Jon Ossoff (GA-6), Rob Quist (MT) and more. In the last year their fast growing team has sent out 45,000 fundraising emails, created over 2,000 digital ads with over 188 million impressions and 12 million clicks and raised over $75 million for their clients.

The Challenge: As a full-service digital agency with high profile political clients who want to win their races, there is no time to lose. Decisions are made quickly, strategies pivot, new channels added, and advanced segmentation is required.

At the core of everything is quickly accessible and accurate data. Mothership knew what they needed from their systems and data, and was faced with the challenging decision of “buy or build.”

“Frakture’s team is smart, responsive and innovative. They have turned my vision and requirements into a powerful solution.” –Ana Sady-Dubon, Chief Technology Officer

Solution: In an effort to be able to quickly scale with the growing list of clients and team members, Mothership chose “buy” and hired Frakture to be the essential, connective tissue that powered their data infrastructure.

Frakture’s technology effortlessly links all their client’s systems (email CRM, Facebook, payment gateways, Google Ads, Google Analytics), resulting in complete, cross-channel data that lives in the main Mothership database (AWS hosted MySQL).

Data Warehouse

Every single hour of the day, Frakture’s Bots are tasked with pulling data from a half dozen systems for multiple clients.  Each bot cleans, processes, and feeds the data right into the Mothership database. Thousands of distinct jobs are processed every day — the equivalent of what would take multiple humans hundreds of hours to accomplish.

AND! Frakture Bots also attribute transactions across multiple different platforms — so a donation coming through ActBlue can be immediately attributed to an email sent from Blue State Digital, or to a Facebook ad posted minutes ago. Yes, the attribution challenge is finally solved without hours of painful, manual guesswork.

“Working with Frakture gives our strategists the ability to make data-driven decisions, and frees up our tech team to innovate new tools to target the best audience.” –Jake Lipsett, Partner

The Results: With a database full of up-to-date, accurate and juicy data powered by Frakture, Mothership’s team can focus on building and executing high-level strategies to help their clients win their races. Frakture maintains all updates to vendors’ APIs, allowing their tech team to focus on building new tools.

When a new channel needs to be added (e.g., Facebook), Frakture plugs it right into Mothership’s infrastructure, and they don’t have worry about how it gets there.

The Mothership team now has more time to focus on their most important work: monitoring email results, determining the highest performing ad creative and with a simple click of a button they can see total dollars raised, across all channels.

All transactions are also automatically attributed across all channels due to cross-platform sourcing. No more unsourced transactions! And more importantly, if one transaction slips through, it’s easily caught. When smart people (and bots) get together, data works and rocks!

What’s next for Frakture and Mothership?

  • Increasing the hourly data updates to be real-time.
  • Adding in additional data feeds from online ads, mobile (SMS/MMS) or the next hot tool!

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