Case Study: SOS Children’s Villages Automating Segments and Facebook Custom Audiences

Chris Lundberg

Summary: The non-profit SOS Children’s Villages wanted to build an email welcome series for its’ supporters, but technical issues and cost had always gotten in the way. With Frakture’s help they are now following best practices in digital communications and able to immediately communicate with new supporters interested in their work.

Background: SOS Children’s Villages is the largest children’s charity in the world that builds loving, stable families for orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children across 135 countries, including the US. Their fundraising program includes child sponsorships, monthly sustainers and one-time donors, each requiring a unique welcome series and ongoing messaging.

The Challenge: SOS didn’t have an email welcome journey set up for their new sponsors, sustainers, donors or prospects. They wanted to follow best practices in digital communications, but their systems required them to do manual work to make this happen. They have a bridge between ROI Solutions, their database of record, and Engaging Networks, their email CRM, but it doesn’t allow emails to be scheduled. Every time they needed to send a new welcome series, it required a human to pick up the list and deploy the email. Organizationally they chose to not deploy a unique welcome series until the process could be automated.  

Options for Solving the Challenge:PROCON
Do the process manually. Can be done by current staff.Yet another item for a small, time-strapped digital staff to manage.
Build custom engineering.Would be built into SOS’s infrastructure.Expensive, takes a while to build and organization incurs code debt.
Change CRMs to one that has needed features.Welcomes Series deployment would be automated. SOS likes their current systems and are invested in them, too expensive to change.
Automation and Data Warehousing with Frakture. Cost effective, provides other benefits such as reporting dashboards, no additional fees when a system changes.Takes time to implement, the automations are built into Frakture’s platform, and you’ll now want to add additional automations.

Chosen SolutioSOS Automationn: SOS asked Frakture to build a bot to automate the syncing of data segments between ROI Solutions and Engaging Networks.  Now there is complete end-to-end automation to implement SOS’s Welcome Series deployment. Every time a segment of people is added and updated in ROI, those new supporters are automatically sent to Engaging Networks and added to a their welcome series campaign which was built with EN’s Marketing Automation.

The Results:

The SOS team now has a fully automated process for deploying their four unique Welcome Series’. This saves SOS staff an average of 8 hours per week and will result in increased retention and revenue from their supporters being messaged immediately.

What’s next to Automate?

SOS has a big list of what they want to automate, but they have three immediate priorities:

  • Sending emails when donations are declined.
  • Automating an email series for sustainers and child sponsors whose credit cards are about to expire. Currently done manually.
  • Increase personal touch points with their supporter community by creating automated engagement pieces for dates such as the donors birthday, the anniversary of their first gift, etc.

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