Data, Dashboards and Warehouses, Oh My!

Ashley Hansen

Yesterday at DMAW’s Digital Day, Ashley Hansen of Frakture and Mary Getz of MESG Marketing gave a presentation on data warehousing 101 as well as how to use a few of the most popular business intelligence tools. The slide deck was fairly short, so here is an audio and video recording of the session



Outline of Video Recording


  • What is a Data Warehouse – starts at 4:07
  • Benefits of a Data Warehouse
  • How to Set up a Data Warehouse
  • What is a Business Intelligence (BI) Tool – starts at 12:36
  • What a BI Tool is NOT
  • Examples of Available BI Tools
  • Pros/Cons of Google Data Studio, Tableau, PowerBI and Klipfolio
  • Data Visualization Vocabulary
  • Live demo of four BI Tools – starts at 24:20
    +Google Data Studio

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