Dear Santa…

Chris Lundberg

Dear Santa,

This year I’m only asking for one thing. Will you please bring me a robot to help me with my job and life? There’s so much more I could do if I had a robot helper.

I’ve been really, really good. Here’s what the robot needs to do:

  • Clean up all the spreadsheets, pivot tables and reports that I spend hours on and make the data user friendly, visually pleasing, and a snap to produce.Give me a 360 degree view of my donors and activists.  
  • Create a single list of all my supporters – donors, non-donors, advocates and volunteers – out of all the systems I use … and update that for me every day.
  • Text me as soon as a donor makes a gift of $500 or more.
  • Write personalized thank you notes to my donors, and my holiday cards while we’re at it.santa chilling out
  • Graph my email list growth by source and value.
  • Pick out my clothes and shoes.
  • Move supporters into a new email group when their donor status changes.
  • Stack historical donor information into a data warehouse so it can be accessed for comprehensive reporting.
  • Decorate the place, find everyone the perfect gift, and cook the big meal.
  • Upload specific segments of donors into Facebook for custom targeting.
  • Contact donors before their credit card expires or when a charge is declined asking for updated details.
  • Call my boss, ask for a raise and bring them a nice mug of cocoa.



P.S. If you can’t get me this robot, can you tell me how to contact Frakture? I heard they are helping nonprofits like mine use Bots for automation and warehousing of data.

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