Feed your Warehouse Beast

Chris Lundberg

So, your team finally decided that you’ve got the skills, you’ve got the people, and you’ve got the time to build out an in-house data warehouse. Or, you’ve already got one built out (congratulations!).

Once well fed, your Warehouse Beast – as commanded by your team – will start producing fantastic insights, great reporting, and get you engaging your audiences better!

But right now the Beast is hungry. It wants data. It NEEDS data. Without data, the Beast just sits there — costing you money, and sacrificing crucial opportunities into it’s useless maw.

To feed the Beast your team needs to write export scripts, cron jobs, data cleaning and mapping scripts, and loaders to load data into the various beastly orifices. Extract.Transform.Load. in developer parlance. And this is where things start to suck. Your engineers and data scientists want to spend their time gaining INSIGHT, not figuring out why their custom script stopped working at 3AM. Or how to pull data from a 15 year old CRM technology they’ve never even worked with before. Or understanding why Google multiplies all their ad costs by a million. Or any number of a thousand details that you DON’T CARE ABOUT.

Not to mention that every hour they spend writing code to import data from System X makes it that much harder for you to change to Fancy New System Y. Because then they have to update all their scripts, retest them, and make sure they don’t make the Beast barf.

There’s got to be a better way to get that data into the warehouse..

FraktureBots feed Warehouse Beasts. FraktureBots know about CRM’s, about Google, about dozens of other technologies. They run reliably and efficiently, and they hand deliver clean, well formatted data directly into your Warehouse. They feed your Beast in the formats it likes to eat, whether it be SQL, JSON, TXT, etc, etc.

And they can start the feedings in a matter of hours — not a matter of months.

Your Warehouse Beast is hungry now. Feed it. Let your engineers do the smart work.

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