Webinar: Frakture 101

Ashley Hansen
Curious about Frakture? Here’s a webinar with our CEO and Founder Chris Lundberg talking about Bots, Data Warehousing, Attribution, and Cross Channel Targeting.
Don’t have time to watch the whole webinar, you can jump ahead with these cliff notes.


  • 1:38 min – What is Frakture and why we exist
  • 4:35 min – What are Bots
  • 6:36 min -What is a Data Warehouse
  • 8:57 min – What are Frakture Bots
  • 10:26 min – What is Frakture’s Database Schema
  • 12:32 min – What is a Warehouse good for?
  • 13:35 min – What is a Warehouse good for? Centralized Data Cleaning & Flagging. Synchronizing opt-ins, CAN-SPAM compliance, GDPR.
  • 15:40 min – What is a Warehouse good for? Reporting, Dashboards and Data Visualization.
  • 16:53 min – What is a Warehouse good for? Attribution.
  • 18:00 min – What is a Warehouse good for? Hot Swapping Platforms.
  • 20:00 min -What is a Warehouse good for? Cross Channel Targeting and managing segments of people.
  • 22:04 min – Will Bots Take my Job?
  • 22:27 min – Who Owns the Data? You do, it’s yours!
  • 23:28 min – What platforms do you have Bots for? All the most common nonprofit systems and new bots are built every week!
  • 24:30 min – Automating file transfers. Can be encrypted or decrypted.
  • 25:50 min – How Does Frakture Deal with Errors?
  • 26:47 min – Contact Frakture for more information
View the Webinar Slides: http://bit.ly/Frakture101

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