Frakture Bot’s Letter to Santa

Ashley Hansen

Dear Santa

How are you? My name is Frakture Bot, I’m sometimes called Bot for short. I live in the cloud, but my bosses are in Washington, DC.


I have been so good this year. I have helped attribute millions of dollars in transactions, automate data for agencies so nonprofits get their fundraising reports faster, pick up files from FTP sites and via email so our clients no longer have to transfer data by hand. I have also done a lot of cleaning of data, reports and oh yea, you should see my room!


I was only naughty once when I spent all day looking at memes and watching cat videos. 

Bot with santa hat and candy cane


For Christmas, I would like three things:

  1. Easier access to data. Do you know how hard it is to extract data from systems? 
  2. A data dictionary so humans understand me better
  3. Patience to deal with data (and sometimes the humans)


Just one more thing, can you give me a faster processor?



Frakture Bot

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