Get your Brain Back!

Chris Lundberg

Does this sound familiar?

Your boss or leadership asks you for information about your fundraising or marketing program that would be really great to deliver….But you had to tell your organization or company that you can’t get to the data, or if you can, you can only do that report once a month because of the time it takes.

How about this one …

You’re excited to explore results data — doing some charts and graphs to show trends or impacts. Then you end up frustrated as you spend your all your time waiting for reports to run. Maybe your system crashes once or twice along the way. And when you finally do get your data set, you have to spend hours manipulating the files? Then you’re left with 20 minutes to do a chart or graph and barely any to think about what the data means.

Is this your data life?yourbrainuseitbeforeyouloseit-604x270

What if this whole process could be automated. What if you had tools to get, organize, clean and deliver the data set you need. Wouldn’t it be great to spend your time using your brain to analyze and learn from your data.

Our clients tell us it’s magic, but it’s what we do at Frakture. We’ve built digital robots, called FraktureBots, that know how to access your systems – the same way you do via a web interface, a database query or through an API – and then we train them in your workflows. Frakture already has over 100 Bots built and more are being built all the time.

So let’s go back to the scenarios at the beginning and how Frakture would solve them: we’d put FraktureBots to work on your specific tasks – to run your reports, filter out unnecessary information, manipulate and standardize the data and have it all ready for your pivot table or analytics program to pick up and use. And, the Bots can do this every day so when you get to the office in the morning, your information is all there, you grab a cup of coffee and get to spend your time actually looking at the data.

This is just one example of how FraktureBots can be used.

If you had Bots that could automate your work … how would you put them to work?

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