Highlights from #17NTC

Chris Lundberg

Last month Frakture’s Bots and Humans attended the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference. We saw old friends, met many new, and were thrilled that there was so much buzz about Frakture’s Bots. Here are a few of our highlights, what were yours?

From #17NTCdatadriven: Data is our friend and data health is vital to the success of your fundraising program. #CleanBot and #DedupeBot to the rescue!

Then in #17NTCautomate they discussed what to automate and shared these lists that are perfect for Bots!

Low Hanging Fruit (for automation):
  • What would I have an intern do for me?
  • When do I find myself “copy/pasting” over and over?
  • Do I stay up waiting for something to finish so I can hit a button?
Longer-Term Projects (for automation with Bots):
  • What do I spend the most time on during the day?
  • Which tasks do I dread doing?
  • Do I consistently do a series of steps across different platforms in a predictable fashion?

In the session #17NTCcrmshopper, Frakture got a shout out for how we enable integrations. Frakture is platform agnostic and works with over 50 end point systems. Many nonprofits know what needs to happen, but they don’t have staff with the right technical expertise nor the money to sink into a point to point integration.

Then our newest Bot Engineer, Justin Kenel, was tweeting from #17NTCdataintegration. It’s true, warehouses and integrations are hard, but not when Frakture’s Bots are on the job!

Can’t wait for NTC 2018 in New Orleans, Frakture’s Humans and Bots will be there!

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