How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

Mary Getz

Are you experiencing brain fog, strained eyes or overall fatigue from staring at your computer screen? Are you, running routine reports, uploading them, checking the data only to find out something is not quite right and you have to rerun the data?

Is this killing your resolutions to stay out of the weeds and keep a laser focus on improving your analysis to advance a real data-driven fundraising strategy this year? Or how about the resolution to make sure that your audience segments are tight and current?

Well, Frakture’s bots are here to help! They do all the repetitive routine work which allows you to keep your eyes on the big picture.

We have 352 Bots deployed across 42 unique systems which means we are ready to simplify your workflow no matter what it is.frakture dashboard

Already our Bots are doing the work of an entire staff for our agency partners–saving up to 500 person-hours per day with the number of data jobs that they are producing. The Bots make reports possible that weren’t before because the time involved was just unsustainable.

Our Bots love to stay busy pulling, transforming and pushing data! Their New Year’s Resolution is to move more data than ever before. How can we help you be successful in 2019?


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