I Want That!

Ashley Hansen

Here at Frakture we’re often asked, “what are other clients doing?” What are other organizations doing that we aren’t. After being asked this enough, we wanted to let you know!

Enabling Robust Reporting and Analytics:

Do you or your team waste time waiting for reports only to have them timeout or discover they are missing data? With Frakture, data from all of your systems are centralized, standardized and normalized in a data warehouse. Our clients use Frakture native reporting or a 3rd party reporting suite such as Google Data Studio, Tableau, PowerBI and more.  

Example: One of our nonprofit clients has standard reporting provided by their agency, but would often have custom reporting requests for leadership meetings or special programs. They would incur extra charges to have these needs met. Now that all their data is in a warehouse that they have direct access to, they are easily able to configure custom reports for their colleagues. 

Using Multiple Marketing Tools to Engage Constituents:
As your nonprofit modernize communication with constituents, it often requires new marketing channels such as social, SMS and more. It sometimes also requires adding another email marketing tool, if the current tool doesn’t have all the automation features desired. Clients frequently come to Frakture because they want to use a new modern email marketing tool that doesn’t have an integration with their current system. And, because of mission-critical work, they aren’t able to leave their legacy system.  Frakture to the rescue. 

Example: One of our clients has a sister organization that uses a different eCRM. They wanted the ability for someone to sign up for both of their email lists at the same time. That’s easy for Frakture’s Bots. 

Example: Several of our clients have been using their eCRM for years and have multiple departments and business rules built on top of it. But, they have savvy fundraisers who want to use a modern email marketing tool.  Frakture enables them to sync people, segments of people and stay CAN-SPAM compliant by syncing unsubscribes. 

Powering Integrations:
With the warehouse as your communications hub, we can power integrations or data syncs between systems. We sync enough data that allows you to do your job as a marketer and fundraiser and avoid pushing excess information that would overload one of your other systems or cause you to pay more for data storage. By the way, data storage at Frakture is always included and we don’t even charge for the volume of data. 

Example: Frakture has a partnership with Upland where we are running the data syncs for their Mobile Commons clients. When a client changes eCRMs, Frakture will move the sync to the new system. In addition to syncing people data, we manage global unsubscribes and create new records in the appropriate system. For example, if a constituent signs up for SMS via your website, we push that number into Mobile Commons and it triggers an onboarding series. Conversely, if a constituent gives you their email address via text message, we push that information into your eCRM to enhance the constituent’s record. 

When all your data is together in a data warehouse, you are no longer constrained by the limitations of individual systems and many automations, modernizations and best practices are now possible. 

Now the only question is, how soon can I have this?  

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