It’s time…to vote!

Ashley Hansen

It’s that time again! It’s back to school, but it’s also voting time. If you live in a primary state, please, please go vote.

But for everyone, voting to create the agenda for the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference is in full force!

Frakture submitted 3 sessions for #19NTC and we’d love your vote today!

Automating your Data Infrastructure

Do you want to increase operational efficiencies without adding additional staff? Do you need to protect your data by reducing the number of humans handling the data? Do you want a new way to plug in best of breed technologies to your data infrastructure? What if every night, you had robots automating thousands of data jobs? Vote now.

Connecting Donor Databases as a Federated Organization – Lessons from PBS

PBS faced a major database problem. They needed a central datahub that all PBS stations could access, but each station used a different database (Raiser’s Edge, TeamApproach, Salesforce, Engaging Networks, Luminate Online, etc.). This is a case study on how PBS created the MVAULT; a data warehouse used to manage membership from 300+ member stations. Vote now.

Using automation to be donor centric

Hear from nonprofits about how automation is transforming their fundraising. They will discuss what they are automating, challenges they’ve encountered, and the benefits their fundraising and marketing teams are seeing. We’ll cover automation technology, the infrastructure needed and how to get leadership buy-in. This session is platform and tool agnostic. Vote now.

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