Kindle. Air Conditioning. Coffee. Cell phone. Frakture.

Ashley Hansen

What do my kindle, cell phone, air conditioning, coffee, and Frakture have in common? They are all things in my life that before they were there, I didn’t even know I needed them.

A perfect example is my cell phone.  I remember delaying getting a cell phone, because I didn’t feel like I needed to be reachable 24/7. Mind you, this was in 2000 when all you could do on the phone was talk, text and play games. How many times did you die playing snake? I finally got a phone and it quickly became enormously useful. Fun fact, I still have the same number!

Nine years and a ton of technological advances later, I had a similar struggle when my boss said our whole department was going to get email on our phones so we could be in touch while on travel. That sales job had me on week long trips at least once a month, so I could understand where he was coming from, but I valued the mental space I had when away from the office and felt email would destroy that. So, I was forced to get email on my phone and after a few weeks, there was no turning back. I loved it. I was hooked. It was so useful. I even had one of those huge phones with a pull out keyboard. When I asked the salesperson if people liked the phone, he said the main reason people returned was because it was so big. Little did he know the trend with phones was making them larger.

Every day at Frakture I get to hear feedback from clients like this and it’s so rewarding!

  • “Wow, look at all that juicy data.”
  • “This is saving dozens of people, dozens of hours of time each week.”
  • “I get about a day a week back, but more importantly I now have time to dig into the data.”

People are hooked on Frakture. With fast access to accurate data, who wouldn’t be? We’ve given our clients access to automations, reporting dashboards and system integrations that they didn’t even know were possible! In total, we’re saving our clients over TWO YEARS of time every day, but more importantly giving them access to data they can use!Let us know if you’d like a demo, but be careful, you too might get hooked.

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