New Media Ventures to Participate in Seed Round

Chris Lundberg

Today, New Media Ventures announced that Frakture is among six startups they are providing financing to via their Innovation Fund. We couldn’t be more pleased to have such thoughtful investors in our seed round who care deeply about the organizations we serve and invest in more than just the bottom line — they invest in impact.  

Why is this important to us? While Frakture doesn’t exclusively serve nonprofit organizations, our integration and data management platform is designed to be a force multiplier for social change organizations; shifting the efforts of their teams in a way that saves time, amplifies resources and expands the ability to mobilize and engage supporters in ways they never before thought possible.

Frakture puts campaigners and communicators in command. We built the platform on the principle that when smart Bots work with smart humans we can solve the hardest problems facing organizations trying to reach and engage people to create change.

One of the biggest challenges the nonprofit and social sector faces today is the overwhelming number of technologies and ever-increasing number of channels by which we have to communicate with people.  We’ve gone from 2-3 (direct mail, email, website) for most organizations to about 8-10. There are all the new online channels, but there are still the offline ones as well (tv, radio, phones, direct mail).  Every organization now uses dozens of unrelated technology platforms to communicate with and engage their supporters including their internal tools, their donor database, their eCRM, their website technology, social media, online ads; etc.

As each new channel is added into their outreach mix, new data silos get created. The organization’s primary database of record and analysis systems are not evolving to accommodate these new technologies. We’re seeing lack of time, knowledge, fear of risk, and lack of innovation by mainstream vendors and consultants, causing nonprofits to fall further and further behind in adopting modern data and communication practices that can move their missions forward.  And it’s getting harder as the amount of data coming from all these channels is increasing exponentially.

This massive influx of data has created dozens of internal data silos that have made the process of outreach, fundraising and, ultimately, engagement much more challenging. This chaotic mess that has made getting good analytics and cohesive message production a pipe dream for even the most sophisticated organizations. Even just getting the data in one place (properly formatted) to get a handle on the metrics to hopefully analyze it properly and measure conversions and ROI has become seemingly insurmountable for the vast majority of organizations.  Over 65% of organizations say that integrating multiple data sources is a challenge, and that’s at just the most rudimentary level.

Enter Frakture. Our platform breaks down the data silos and removes the inefficiencies of data management so that staff can do what is most important – connect with supporters and move them to action. Using new technology and methods, our platform integrates organization’s data from multiple channels and provide them with a set of data visualizations designed to answer the questions they should be asking about how their interactions with constituents are driving engagement. Through these tools we are seeking to time shift the work of progressive staff from collecting, managing and cranking out spreadsheet reports on their data into a higher value role for progressive staffers. With those menial data collection and manipulation tasks automated, the energy and time of staff can shift to focus on interpreting the analysis to inform the new strategies and tactics they now have time to execute.

We have developed a variety of reusable scripts — called Bots — that handle the routine, mundane tasks of data management, segmentation and targeting that consume valuable staff time. Our sophisticated Bots automate integration by doing the daily work of synchronizing and standardizing data across all channels and an organization’s existing databases. By doing this, organizations now have the ability to see that coveted 360 degree view of their people.

Upon this rich data set, Frakture has built beautiful, advanced and useful data visualizations and reports. Reports that allow any size or skill level organization to quickly interact with their “Big Data” and see trends, derive insights and begin shaping new strategies for progressive change. 

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