Permissions, Logins and Passwords… Oh My!

Dawn Washelesky

We had an interesting question come up in a presentation the other day regarding permissions. “Frakture Bots have access to different systems, and thus the users of those Bots basically inherit those permissions, right?”

Yes. This can work in good ways and bad ways — and in general the bad ways are fixable. For example, if Intern Sue in general does not have access to edit your Facebook page, and you give her access to a Facebook Bot that does, Sue can now do whatever Facebook Bot can do, including generating reports, posting messages, etc.  However, Sue can ONLY do what Facebook Bot has been allowed to — so if you require Facebook Bot to get approval before posting a message (which you can do), then Sue now has to also follow those rules. In this way, you can actually layer permissions on TOP of systems that may not have them.

This has pretty dramatic implications when using Best of Breed systems that don’t have extensive permission systems. For example, Twitter – you can now have multiple quality steps in place to make sure errant Tweets don’t go out… Or schedule tweets, similar to Buffer… Or notify a manager for every message that is set up. Or any number of other combinations of features. Because the Bots are the ones doing the heavy lifting, you can have much finer grained control of how and when you message.

google-2-step-verificationOne other impact of Bot authentication is that not every user needs to have passwords to every system. If you have an EventBrite account, a MailChimp account, and a Salesforce account — you don’t need to share all those passwords with everyone. You have them authenticated to use those Bots with Frakture, using Google’s login and security infrastructure, and they can operate the various systems right through the Bots. No one ever needs to send around passwords via sticky note again. You can even leverage Google’s 2-factor authentication, and increase the effective security of older systems by never letting a person even SEE a password to use that system, and requiring your staff to log in with 2 devices to use it.

Bots provide an extra layer between your team and the world. Whether you choose to use that layer to enhance permissions, or restrict them, is up to you.

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