The Bots Have Been Busy!

Chris Lundberg

Ahh, summertime! I’m looking forward to BBQs, berry picking and vacation. But somehow, my growing to do list didn’t get the memo that it’s summer. Apparently more daylight does not equate to more hours in the day and the work doesn’t stop!

Frakture’s clients have found the smart solution to their growing pile of work. They’ve deployed Bots to automate the most tedious and time consuming of their tasks freeing their time for strategic thinking, problem solving and maybe even vacation!

Bots by the Numbers:

293,872,671 = records processed

705,038 = SQL calls to databases

248,333 = HTTP calls to APIs

13,151 = the number of tedious and routine data jobs the Bots run every night.

10,920 = the number of hours Frakture Bots save our clients every day. This assumes that each data job takes about 20 minutes and combined is a total of 110 WEEKS of work automated nightly.

Here are some examples of Frakture Bots and Automations in Action:

LuminateBot has been trained to log into Luminate Online, run report writer reports, and send that data to wherever it needs to go.  The Bots can send the file to an FTP site, to someone’s email or to a central data warehouse for some data manipulation. How much time would it save you to no longer have to wait for Luminate reports to run and to have all the data manipulation you do be automated?

ROIBot together with EngagingNetworksBot has brought a new level of automation to Engaging Networks new Marketing Automation. The ROIBot is trained to build new flex lists and automatically send that data to Engaging Networks for an individual email or to trigger a email series.

FacebookBot. The biggest advantage to using Frakture’s Facebook Bot is that you don’t have to work with Facebook’s API. The Bots have that covered! FacebookBot knows how to do a daily refresh of custom audiences in Facebook.  Automating the refresh of these audiences frees up time our client’s time add additional audiences, spend more time reviewing the results or focusing on the creative. FacebookBot also pulls ad stats so you can get a daily update of ad spends without even logging into Facebook.

Source Code Automation. Are you a Source Code fanatic that gives a Source Code to every single piece of content your organization sends out? Awesome, the Bots love working with people like you! Do you sometimes want to roll up a bunch of source codes, say for all your fundraising emails, into one consolidated source code? The Bots not only consolidate a group of similar source codes, they can even point out errors and allow you to make changes on the fly.  For example, you want to see some average statistics for 10 fundraising emails, but then want to see what the results are if one email is removed — bots to the rescue!

Data Automation: Every day the Bots are deduping, matching and moving data between systems. Has your nonprofit just added a new communication tool to your suite of technology? We typically see new mobile, social, and event tools, but the list is limitless and the challenge then becomes how to manage your supporters across all of the platforms. Frakture can move people and groups of people across platforms.

With Bots processing all your routine data jobs every night, you can start planning your favorite summertime activity! I’m off to the pool, what are you going to do?

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