The Launch

Chris Lundberg

By April Pedersen

One of the most common questions we get from our “Gamma Cohort” and potential clients and partners is “When are you launching?”

Part of me wants to give them a date and announce a great big launch party (everyone who knows me knows how much I love to throw a good launch party!), put out a press release and make a great big splash in whatever tech scene we happen to be a part of.

But the reality is that we’re building an enterprise software company and a fairly complex platform with dozens of moving parts.  A “launch” is a poor representation of how great software is built these days. Frakture isn’t a simple app that one day gets released to the world to install.

A launch also carries substantial risks that we’ve learned in our 10+ years of releasing software. There’s an expectation that things won’t change much once you’ve launched something – that it will be another 6 months before the next version comes out. This couldn’t be further from reality. Our platform is changing rapidly based on the feedback we’re getting from our clients. New Bots are being developed almost daily now, new integrations happening, the number of “commits” in the system is in the hundreds per week.

So, we’re doing what feels more natural given that software is developed on a continuum. We’re planning a launch strategy over the next several months that will capitalize on the incremental successes of building a great product. We’re launching our “Squads” one at a time; telling a story of what Frakture can do for our clients.


While it may be harder to get that one big press hit or short-term attention that comes with a Big Launch, we’re willing to take our chances that building a client base and focusing our attention on building a great product will get enough attention in the long run.

That said, given my love of parties, I’ll be insisting on a Great Big Launch Party at home pagevisit… some point. And when that time comes, my hope is that we’ll have attracted plenty of buzz for all the right reasons and that it attracts who we want to attract — real clients, partners and supporters of our work.

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