Using Data to Make Decisions at NTC 2020

Rachael Wilkinson

These are uncertain times, my friend. We’re entering another election cycle (which, ahem, Frakture is handling data for three of the leading candidates), starting to think about our end-of-year fundraising goals, and still wondering what the heck is up with Brexit.

Yes, the future is unclear — but you can do one simple thing today to help create a better tomorrow… At least for your data. Because here at Frakture, we’re all about clarifying data and simplifying your decision-making process.

That’s why we’re asking you to vote for our proposed sessions at next year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC). Every year, we bring you the latest in nonprofit data trends, and our proposals this year are no different.

  • Data and Dashboards and Warehouses — Oh my! When you have many sources of data, how can you manage them all to make the best possible decisions for your organization? Data warehouses and visualization tools are here to rescue you and cure your analysis paralysis, all within one centralized system! 
  • Using Social Data to Make Data Driven Decisions Social media dominates our personal lives and our fundraising strategies. Hear how major organizations have worked with Frakture to streamline their social data for easier decision making.

Voting closes on August 30, so head over to the NTC website now to vote for all three of our sessions and others you like. Log into NTEN or sign up for a free account. 

And hey, thanks!

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