What kind of sorcery is this?… It’s Frakture’s new Source Code Generator

Leah Caldwell

In our ever-changing fundraising landscape, we continue to seek detailed ROI reports, but attribution has become exponentially more complex. As donor behavior becomes more diversified and varied, it’s hard to keep up, especially as we adopt a myriad of communication tools to reach our donors where they are. That’s where Frakture’s fancy new source code generator comes in.

The days of arduously manually configuring a string of meaningful code for your campaigns is over! 

Frakture has taken all of the work out of source coding for your organization, complete with a Google Chrome Extension, you can generate a code right from your browser to capture all the attribution fields you need for the most accurate reporting of all your campaign efforts. In addition, all staff can use the same source coding structure. 

With up to 17 fields available to complete the most complex source codes, you can now capture all of your required attribution information in one click.  This can also be customized with conditional fields based on organization and roles. Now, we all know that having a 17 field source code is a nightmare to try and remember, so we have made that even easier again, by providing a unique shortcode for each source code generated for your campaigns. 

Source Code Generator Screenshot

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